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    It's a proven fact that companies who use a cohesive approach to digital marketing see the best results! We are here to serve as your in-house strategic partner and ensure your digital marketing plan is well thought out, executed strategically and produces real results. We will be here for you every step of the way, whether you are a start-up or an established brand.

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    Motiv8 came to us as a well-established company with great branding, developed fulfillment logistics and a basic affiliate network.  They understood in order to get to the next level of profit, diversification of revenue channels and expansion into new markets was a critical next step.  Through a scalable and strategic approach we optimized Motiv8’s FB/IG to perform 30% better in the first month, followed shortly by Google Ads and a successful email marketing campaign.  We were further able to increase organic impressions and website traffic by doubling the size of their affiliate network, while ensuring their content is on point and their website is operating smoothly. Motiv8 is a great example of what our cohesive approach does for great results.

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    Dr. Lebowitz

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    Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz is a NY based Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon with over 25 years of extensive training and experience. After receiving his MD from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio., Dr. Lebowitz completed plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery fellowships at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic prior to going into private practice. As a private practitioner Dr. Lebowitz understands the importance of digital marketing when it comes to building a medical practice and has partnered with us for the past three years to help him educate and gain the interest of potential patients through his social media platforms. As a result, Dr. Lebowitz has become a YouTube celebrity with surgeries booked well over a year in advance with zero marketing dollars spent. His organic content is viewed daily by millions of people GLOBALLY.

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    Hope Fitness Gear

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    With a philanthropic goal of donating 10% directly to children in need, Hope Fitness Gear came to use with a loyal fan base, but no clear strategy for expanding their brand or increasing revenue stream.  Selling only through Amazon, Hope recognized it’s potential and partnered with us in the creation of a dedicated Shopify store, enabling them to triple their annual revenue from the prior year in only 6 months!  In addition, through targeted recruiting we on-boarded 100 affiliates in the first 60 days of partnership and took advantage of the “home workout” boom by generating a 28X ROAS in the first 30 days.







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    Case Study

    Flex Disc

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    Flex Disc is a smaller fitness company that has had zero to no experience with any digital marketing apart from a very basic affiliate program. Due to the nature of the product finding the perfect strategy was of utmost importance. Using a combination of in depth A/B ad testing we were successfully able to find the most responsive audience. Through collaboration between our web development team and the company’s founder, we created a hub for the Flex Disc community to showcase training videos. The hub served as an educational resource for anyone looking to learn on how and what to do with the Flex Disc products ultimately increasing the user experience.




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