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    Boss Bears


    Boss Bears™ is Co-Founded by one of our JD Media founders. We took everything we preach and put it into practice. Boss Bears has become a success in 3 months. We are creating a solid community and spreading the message of Taking Life To The Next Level! Boss Bears is a Vitamin company that focuses on NON-GMO, Vegan Friendly products that support your mind & body so that you can focus on achieving your daily goals. Boss Bears focuses on upscale branding to match the quality of nutrients that is in their bottles.


    • Create the Boss Bears brand from ground zero
    • Create website BEST OPTIMIZED for mobile platforms (for 95% Mobile Traffic)
    • Create social channels (Focused on Instagram & TikTok)
    • Create branding assets (Logos, Labels, Banners)
    • Develop affiliate program for a strong organic community
    • Recruit paid influencers for major traffic, conversion activity & brand awareness
    • Create Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads campaigns for prospecting and retargeting consumers (Future plans include TikTok & Snapchat paid media)
    • Scale brand month to month by recruiting and managing influencers as well as affiliates





    Every statistical category on Shopify ranges from 300% – 1500% improvement month over month. Around 20,000 E-Commerce stores are made weekly. Rarely any of them experience such growth as Boss Bears. Usually people just want to have a side gig or they’re testing what this whole E-Commerce craze is about. If done right (THE JD MEDIA WAY!) the results will be astounding. Keep in mind this brand is ours so we are very aggressive in growing it. Not everyone is on the same pace and ambition or financial stability. As an agency we will educate you and lead you in the direction you’re most comfortable with.

    Follow to see how the brand grows. We are very excited in growing it and helping people take their life to the next level. If you are just starting out or you want to grow your brand do not hesitate to reach out to us. Use the contact form on our website or email us at


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