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    Case Study

    Boss Bears®


    Boss Bears® is Co-Founded by one of our JD Media founders. We took everything we preach and put it into practice. Boss Bears achieved a major revenue stream in 3 months since DAY 1. Our community has grown substantially and we are spreading the message of Taking Life To The Next Level! Boss Bears is a Vitamin company that focuses on supplements that support your mind & body so that you can focus on achieving your daily goals. Boss Bears focus on upscale branding to match the quality of nutrients that is in their bottles.


    • Create the Boss Bears brand from ground zero
    • Create website BEST OPTIMIZED for mobile platforms (for 95% Mobile Traffic)
    • Create social channels (Focused on Instagram & TikTok)
    • Create branding assets (Logos, Labels, Banners)
    • Develop affiliate program for a strong organic community
    • Recruit paid influencers for major traffic, conversion activity & brand awareness
    • Create Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads/TikTok/Snapchat campaigns for prospecting and retargeting consumers
    • Scale brand month to month by recruiting and managing influencers as well as affiliates




    Many businesses fail from overfunding due to reckless spending. We are building Boss Bears in a responsible manner focusing on HIGH QUALITY: content, collaborations & product(s). We brought Boss Bears into the biggest independent stores all over the country while driving major revenue through our E-Commerce channel. The goal of Boss Bears is to provide customers with tasty and potent supplements while inspiring them to always take their life to the next level.