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    Case Study

    Boss Bears®


    Boss Bears® is start-up we worked on. We managed to achieve a major revenue stream in 3 months since DAY 1. The Boss Bears community is growing like wild fire and we are spreading the message of Taking Life To The Next Level! Boss Bears is a Vitamin company that focuses on supplements that support your mind & body so that you can focus on achieving your daily goals. Boss Bears focus on upscale branding to match the quality of nutrients that is in their bottles.


    • Create the Boss Bears brand from ground zero
    • Create website BEST OPTIMIZED for mobile platforms (for 95% Mobile Traffic)
    • Launch Amazon W/ A+ Content & FBA
    • Create social channels (Focused on Instagram & TikTok)
    • Create branding assets (Logos, Labels, Banners)
    • Develop affiliate program for a strong organic community
    • Recruit paid influencers for major traffic, conversion activity & brand awareness
    • Create Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads/TikTok/Snapchat campaigns for prospecting and retargeting consumers
    • Scale brand month to month by recruiting and managing influencers as well as affiliates





    All products have been approved and launched on Amazon. We saw an instant 30% jump in revenue once everything was up and running. Amazon is a different beast when it comes to e-commerce. With strict regulations and complex approval processes, it takes a team full of experts to manage the store. Let us help you navigate the world of Amazon.


    Many businesses fail from overfunding due to reckless spending. We are building Boss Bears in a responsible manner focusing on HIGH QUALITY: content, collaborations & product(s). We brought Boss Bears into the biggest independent stores all over the country while driving major revenue through our E-Commerce channel. The goal of Boss Bears is to provide customers with tasty and potent supplements while inspiring them to always take their life to the next level.