Hope Fitness Gear

There is a real collaborative approach at JD Media. The entire team, from content to digital strategy, contributes a holistic vision to our company’s goal. As a mission driven brand, it is important we stay on message and reach as many people as we can to make a difference. With Janine’s vast knowledge in the fitness space and the team’s digital ad savvy, our impact has increased tremendously.”

Hope Fitness Gear

Hope Fitness Gear carries a wide selection of resistance bands to accommodate any training regime, focusing on a fun & effective anytime/anywhere workout.

Hope Fitness Gear was founded on a true commitment to the tiny warriors battling their health. With varying conditions and throughout the United States, Hope sponsored kids receive a portion of every sale in hopes of helping ease financial burdens from medical related expenses.


Hope Fitness Gear came to us as a well-established company that had hit a plateau in on-line sales and were having difficulty tracking the source of their leads. They were attempting to run their own digital ads through the “boost a post” feature on Instagram and not seeing any ROI.

Although Hope Fitness Gear had already established many long-term relationships with fitness influencers, they had no strategy or process for maximizng these relationships in growing brand awareness and affiliate sales.

Here are the goals we outlined for them:

  • Launch targeted ad campaigns to increase online sales and track all data to maximize budget
  • Create Diverse Content to show the bands in a variety of uses and with clientele in all lifestyle categories
  • Develop Affiliate Program to expand organic reach, build social media community and drive commission based sales
  • Establish collaborations with venues, event marketers and other fitness brands

Trackable and Transparent Affiliate Program

Having cheerleaders who truly believe in and support your brand is just as important as paid media. Our team will manage the end-to-end set-up and ongoing adminstration of your affiliate program. This includes everything from establishing your system, to recruiting, communications and tracking of affiliate sales.

In just under 30 days we were able to onboard 60 affiliates for Hope all of whom shared their own stories on how they incorporate Hope products into their fitness routines. This diverse representation not only helped generate commission based sales, but also grew organic reach and built a sense of community.


Networking makes the world go round and we love to connect our partners with one another. Through our relationships with brands and influencers we are able to utilize our clients products at venues such as this event at the Shelborne Hotel in Miami for an International Women’s Day workout led by Janine Delaney.


Ad Campaigns that Work

Custom curated content is a key piece of a successful campaign. We work with you to create content based on your targeted audience so each ad is relatable and relevant to the person viewing it. Small differences like a female viewing another female doing a home workout can make the difference between someone purchasing your product and someone moving off your website. We make sure your content appeals to the precise audience we are targeting. This means every dollar counts!

Through this strategy we were able to to convert $505.05 of Adspend budget into $14,207.81 for Hope Fitness Gear in the very first week. In addition, our affiliates generated $22,000 in sales (1st Month)

Agility and Speed for Ever Changing Marketing Needs

When the whole world stops, we keep on moving! We understand our client’s marketing needs are dynamic and we pride ourselves in being flexible enough to respond to and effectively market in an ever-changing world.

During the recent Covid-19 Pandemic more and more people were searching for home workout opportunities. We helped Hope spread the message about their resistance bands through direct targeting and affiliate marketing. Not only did we help keep the world fit, but we saw a 600% ROI in the first 3 days of our launch campaigns.

Brand Collaborations

We believe in the power of collaboration. We seek synergies between our clients so you get increased visibility and exposure on your social platforms.

Here is an example of a cross-collaboration we organized between Hope Fitness Gear (33,700 IG followers) and Quest Nutrition (901,000 IG followers).

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