“The Best Sweat of Your Life”

Our experience with JD Media has been very positive. They are smart, aggressive and easy to work with. They like to challenge the status quo and have integrated with our internal team very well. Their experience of having done this with other brands has been very beneficial for our company. Great job!

Joe Freeman
Founder and CEO

SweatZone products are intended to be used as workout enhancer so you sweat more in the places you want to sweat. SweatZone products are used by athletes and active people at all levels of activity from weekend warrior, to college athletes, to professional athletes. Although SweatZone is a part of the MedZone family originating back to 2001, it is one of their newer brands and does not have the same brand awareness or social media presence as the other MedZone products.


  • Develop SweatZone’s social media presence through more consistent content and storytelling
  • Support retail location strategy in stores such as Walmart, through incorporating store locators into social posts
  • Accelerate new business growth by creating targeted and diverse ad sets that appeal to specific demographics
  • Build an affiliate program to increase organic reach and develop fun & interactive challenges

Consistent Content & Storytelling

As a relatively new brand, SweatZone was using predominantly stock footage that was failing to capturing their audience’s attention or clearly communicating their message.

We helped them take their content to the next level by creating testimonial videos and showing the products in action. Within two weeks we saw a significant increase in engagement and follower interest.

Digital Marketing

Daily optimization, supported by data. Our campaigns are catered towards any budget. We support and develop realistic expectations so that each dollar spent goes to good use. Education is as important as results and we are here to walk you through it all. During our weekly check-in meetings we will review and educate you on your results, discuss goals as well as any new business developments.

Retail Support

Many of our clients have their products in retail stores nationwide. Social media serves an important role in helping consumers learn where they can purchase products in a brick and mortar location. We help our clients through social media strategies to reinforce their current retail relationships and nurture new retailers by providing data and statistics to show how we drive consumers to their locations. We are always available to assist in the creation of presentations and data summaries for your retail needs.

Affiliate Campaigns

We scout affiliates within the fitness community for SweatZone. As we build the brand identity of SweatZone online we create challenges and giveaways to grow, engage and expand our reach. Our affiliate programs include transparent and trackable systems so everyone is always in the know!

Below is an example of a recent campaign where affiliates were asked to create a video asking their followers to describe “the best sweat of their life”, followed by their own reveal of the SweatZone belt.

“The Best Sweat of Your Life”

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